Lesson Plan : All About Oregon

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Costello
 Grade 3
 Social Studies

 The State of Oregon
 Oregon State: Bird (Western Meadowlark), Tree (Douglas Fir), Flower (Oregon Grape), Beverage (Milk), Nut (Haxelnut), Fish (Chinook Salmon), Rock (Thunder Egg), Animal (American Beaver), Fruit (Pear),Insect (Oregon Swallowtail Butterfl).
 Students will get a better understanding of the state of Oregon by learning about the facts about each topic and why these particular objects were picked for these positions.
 After teaching facts about Oregon, students will have an idea about what each object of Oregon is and what is expected of them by signing up for a certain topic.
 Encyclopedia Library Books Poster board markers / crayons / coloerd pencils paper pen pencil
 Introduce Oregon and some fun facts about it including history. This will engage the children in wanting to learn more about the state they live in.
 1) Talk briefly about each topic and then ask who would like to do what. 2) Once groups are picked (2-3 students p/group) talk about the expectations - Research the topic given, write down the most interesting facts and why this item was chosen for Oregon State. 3) Show completed poster so they know what you are looking for. 4) Present facts on overhead so they know what kind of notes to take. 5) Do presentation of completed poster as an example.
 In class we, as a class, will take the text on the overhead and together will pick out the most important facts. This will serve as a demonstation of how they will find their own facts
 If possible students can bring in the actual item they are researching for their presentation. ESOL- Buddy up with someone who they work well with IEP's- Extra help from teacher when needed.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask questions tot he class to chekc understanding. Check in on groups and make sure everyones on task.
 Presentations and discussion
 Presentations will be graded with a rubric
Teacher Reflections:

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