Lesson Plan : The Value of Community and Self

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 Grade 1
 Social Studies

 Value Self and others as unique individuals in relation to their world.
 All groups are different. Communities are different. Each community is unique in their own way. What makes your community unique. What makes you unique. How are you a part of your community and what part of it makes you feel like you belong.
 - Appreciate their own uniqueness and being part of a community. - How a community can define us as people and that being a part of community makes us who we are. - How a community can affect our identity. - Understanding that being part of a community no matter how small it is makes us feel like we belong and community is family.
 - Globe and map - Story about community and belonging - Pictures of different school communities and classrooms - Paper, pencil and crayons
 What is a community? Are type of community are we? Do you belong to a community? Do you think that all communities are the same? What may make them different? How does it feel to know that you are part of a community? What do you recognize around you? How do you know that this is the St. James community? Are the grade one's their own little community and think about what makes the grade one's so special?
 A community is a group of people. They can be a whole school, they can be a classroom or it could be a whole city or even the whole world. When you look at this picture what kind of community do you see ( show picture of a different school, show globe, show canada, show Edmonton, Show their own classroom)
 Together we are going to draw a picture of our own school community. What makes our school so special, what is on the outside, what is inside of the school, how will people know that they are in the St. James Community. Brainstorm ideas and then draw a simple picture of what we should include so that other people will know that they are in the St. James Community.
 - Small group work. - Small group instruction.
Checking For Understanding:
 Share your picture with a partner. Then as a class look at what other people have found that make our community unique in their own eyes.
 - The map/picture made in class.
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