Lesson Plan : The Lewis and Clark Trail

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Minney
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 Maps and Globes Lewis and Clark Westward Journeys and Self-determination
 1. Reasons for exploration 2. Discoveries and Difficulties
 The students will be able to locate what trail Lewis and Clark took when President Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory. 1.Students will be able to critically think and synthesize the significance of the Lewis and Clark Expeditions in the West 2.Students will be able to understand the broad ideas and reasoning for exploring the West. 3.Finally, students will understand the conflicts that Lewis and Clark faced with Indian tribes on their journeys in the West.
 Students will brainstorm the types of obstacles the Lewis and Clark journey may have encountered during their journey. Using the maps, and what they already know about U. S. geography the students will be able to map out and measure the distance they traveled by using the map scale on their maps. 1.Students will be able to understand the purpose of these journeys 2.Students will be able to determine the corelation between westward journeys and expansion
 Compass, Pencil, TV/Internet, copies of articles, digital GPS tracker scopes, Map of Lewis and Clark expedition
 To start the lesson, I will offer these essential questions: 1.Beginning of Lewis and Clark Journeys 2.Sakagewea 3.Arriving in Oregon 4.The journey back East 5.What happens with Lewis and Clark?
  The students will be put in 4 groups where they will use a compass to find out which way is Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest.
  The students will make a sextant (a sextant measures the angel between whatever you are looking at relative to the place you are taking the measurement. It can be used to determine the height of objects in the distance, e.g., mountains or hills).
 Students will be put in 4 groups, they will have a reader and a recorder for each group. Every student have to participate and the students will evaluate each other on their participation.
Checking For Understanding:
 1.Repeat big ideas that were discussed 2. Ask questions about lesson
 1. Give brief summary of Lewis and Clark expedition 2. Develop and describe the true significance of these expeditions
Teacher Reflections:

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