Lesson Plan : Media Culture

Teacher Name:
 Miss Lange
 Grade 3
 Social Studies

 We will be teaching you at a level 3 standard about media culture. The content will include the concepts of: Oral Language, Language Arts, Media Literacy, Media Production, Personal and Social Development
 We aim to help people understand: 1. Thinking about toys as media texts 2. Use vocabulary of Media Literacy 3. Metacognition 4. Media production 5. That cultural groups have traditional and non-traditional aspects. 6. That different groups in communities function to meet various needs. 7. That membership of different groups influences the identity of individuals.
 We aim to get the class to enjoy what they are doing while learning at the same time. 1. Create a design for a toy. 2. Students will become more aware of what they like and why they want the newest toys etc. 3. Working successfully in groups.
 We will not need any devices such as television or computers. We will only do hands on work. Pencils, markers, crayons etc. Paper Children will bring their own toys.
 Media culture is a very famous contribution to what people think and do. Nearly everyone is part of it. The main people aka 'celebrities' 1. Do and Tell (circle time) 2. Students are asked to bring in their favorite toy/object.
 At the start of every activity we will give a brief explanation. 1. Teacher redirects focus of Do and Tell. Begins to ask questions based on Media Triangle (see sheet) 2. Teacher can even bring his/her favourite toy and model the presentation. 3. Use the whiteboard to write key vocabulary.
 We will start with a game of modified UNO by telling them how to play then they will be put into groups to play the game. A more 'class' activity would be the part of the lesson where we would write a celebrity on the board. 1. Each day, the activity is repeated until students begin to ask the questions. 2. Teacher will guide discussion back to Media Triangle and add depth to student questions. 3. Teacher will help the student to answer the questions as needed.
 Describe the instructions not very detailed so all people of the class understand clearly. Students may need additional help with their drawings.
Checking For Understanding:
 I have developed a KWL and will hand it out for people to fill out at the end of the lesson. 1. Through observations, teacher can assess student's progress and determine when they are ready to proceed to production. 2. Give students feedback as they present and as they ask questions. 3. Teacher will also assess each group's product. Groups will have the chance to present and other groups will have the chance to ask questions for clarification.
 We will end the lesson by writing a celebrity on the board and asking the class to put their hands up and tell us how they became celebrities and what do they have to do to keep that status. A fun way to close, might be to vote for which toy the students liked best and to have a class discussion as to why.
 Do you think the class enjoyed the lesson? Evaluate the group product. Evaluate the presentations and questions.
Teacher Reflections:
 What did you think of us as teachers?

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