Lesson Plan : Never Eat Sour Watermelons

Teacher Name:
 Kourtney Johnson
 Grade 1
 Social Studies

 Maps: Where do I live?
 One day lesson to where, students are going to draw a map of their route from their house to the school. Students should include important details such as: identifying street names, directions, important businessess or stores.
 After this lesson students will learn cardinal directions, and understand the importance of using a map in order to get to a destination. The maps should include: a compass, street names, and important routes along the destination.
 Students will be able to identify cardinal directions, and a physical address.
 textbook, mapcolors, handouts, paper, pencils, a classroom compass
 Classes should start off with a visual and understanding of the cardinal directions. I will make reference to important sites or towns nearby that will help students be able to identify the cardinal directions. Students will repeat different directions back to me during this period.
 As the instructor I will use the projector and make a transparency describing the different directions and how we use these directions in everyday life.
 Design two maps: one map will be designed to show the route from the school to the student's house. The other route will go from the student's house to one of their classmate's house.
 Suggestions from teachers during partner work. Students may use the example that the teacher presented. Students may have extended time to complete assignment.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be quizzed periodically about the different cardinal directions.
 Students will return to their seats and then the teacher will reiterate the importance of cardinal directions.
 Students maps are to be placed in an area in order for other students, and faculty to view student's progress.
Teacher Reflections:
 TEKS 4A, 4B, and 5A

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