Lesson Plan : Dominico Americano School

Teacher Name:
 MS. Dinzey
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Geography of North America
 American History Geography of North America & The United States
 -Students will learn about the physical characteristics of North America -Students will be able identify the political divisions of the United States, both at the state and local levels. -Students will learn about the significance of the resources found in North America -Students will learn about the population growth of the United States in the last 100 years.
 -To identify and label the physical characteristics of North America by completing a blank map -To name the states of the United States and draw them with their districs -To successfully complete both the physical and political maps by labeling and coloring it. -To discuss and identify the impact of natural resources in the economic growth and success as a world power -To analyze and describe the population of the United State and its constant growth in the last 100 years
 projector, laptop, blank maps, colors, various maps of the United States and North America
 1. Begin by asking, how big is the United States? 2. Show them a physical map of the States and North America and discuss with them the extend and features of it 3. Political map-ask students general questions about the
 -Tell students that the physical characteristics of the United States is a feature the influences its greatness. -Give them time to identify specific characteristics
 -Give students the blank maps to identify and label the physical characteristics of North America -Give them enough time to finish!
Checking For Understanding:
 -Ask students to compare their maps with the original one. -Check for correctness
 -With their maps, ask students to comment on different characteristics of North America or the US that they did not know about!
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