Lesson Plan : RIsky Behavior

Teacher Name:
 Juan Hernandez
 Grade 11-12
 PE and Health

 This activity is to impact upon the students the extent their behavior has to do with the possible contractions of HIV and how they can control their lives.
 To make the students aware of the far reaching consequence their risk behavior can have on their lives.
 1. Have a graphic picture of how far reaching risk behavior actually commands. 2. Interact with their fellow students without embarrassment. 3. Understand the ways to contact the Virus. 4. Understand the way to avoid the Virus. 5. Relate to what they have been studying on Aids.
 1. This activity is to follow having taught Aids 101 to the students. 2. Using 3 by 5 cards, Pass one out to each student.
 Networking, Meeting people and getting to know them
 Discus the fun parts of meeting and interacting with other people.
 1)Pass out cards. 2)Ask students to think about what would they like to do when they retire? (Activites). 3)Have the person write their name and activity down if they would enjoy the activity.
 Talk to kids that are less mature kids about abstinence. This is a difficult concept and it needs to be approached and understood at an early age.
Checking For Understanding:
 Write a short essay about the ways can protect ourselves when we have interactions with unfamiliar people
 The students should have the opportunity to tell how they are feeling about the activity and how it affected them. They will find that it affects not only the person with the direct contact with the virus but also those several times removed from that initial person.
 Do the students understand the risks associated with AIDS
Teacher Reflections:
 This activity brings home all that they have learned about Aids in a very personal way.

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