Lesson Plan : Maps - Our Friends and Guides

Teacher Name:
 Aashish Dhakan
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 Maps - Our Friends and Guides
 The students will learn about the difference between maps & a Globe, they will learn about the informations that a map can give. They will learn to find directions on the map. They will learn about the scale of the map, the colour scheme and the use of sign and symbols.
 The student will be able to interpret and follow the directions of a map and be able to give direction with the help of a map.
 Objectives: Students will be able to define maps. Students will be able to explain the need for maps. Students will able to construct their own maps, Students will develop map skills and appreciate the value of hard work in constructing their own maps.
 Wall Maps of the World, India & if possible Gujarat
  Enter the class carrying a globe and a map and fumble with it. Ask the students, how would they show the locations of their subject clusters? ask them if they could use a globe for locating their clusters or School? Would it be more easy and convienient to carry a globe or a map with them to find a location?
 Divide the students into groups of 5 or 6 and ask the students to draw a map of their clusters and the classes located in the different clusters. The teacher will then ask how the students have represented each area, passages and stairs, directions? Then ask the students to compare their maps and note the similarities and differences
 Draw the map of the route from their home to the school using various signs, symbols, and colours and giving a key mentioning what each indicate.
Checking For Understanding:
 Recap the chapter by asking questions or by conducting a quiz for the different groups
 Give the students a blank political map of India to colour and locate the states and union territories of India. Encourage the children to get as in-depth as they wish (ex: mountain regions,etc.). Have the group of children turn in their pictures and their recorders notes.
 Observe the children as they work in their groups. Look at recorders notes for each group to see what the children were thinking about. Look at the maps to see if the students are able to understand the concept of scale and the keys and directions in a map.
Teacher Reflections:

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