Lesson Plan : Native Americans and the Home

Teacher Name:
 A. Francis
 Grade 3
 Social Studies

 Native American views of the home and how food can be incorporated in math and vocabulary in the home.
 To experience different foods from different cultures as well as to integrate mathematics and vocabulary into a lesson that is fun for everyone.
 The aim is to get the participants to work together in a group or as an individual and to understand the differences in measurements and how making food in the home reflects the people that live in the home. The goal is also to have the participants understand that math can be fun and can be incorporated into everyday life.
 When children realize the differences in the measurement system they will be able to understand theh differentiation between sizes of measurments and amounts.
 Flour, yeast, water, sugar, oil and cornmeal. Also needed is the measuring devices such as a table spoon and a cup measuring device.
 The use of different types of measuring devices that will come out to the same amount; i.e. two 1/2 cups equal 1 cup. The process of measuring will be delivered in the lesson as well as how to read a cookbook which could be interperted as learning to read directions or listen to oral directions.
 Teacher will demonstrate the way use the measuring devices and how to interpret directions.
 Same as above. Teacher as well as peers will be available to help other students.
 Oral instruction as well as written instruction provided for students.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be able to ask questions freely and openly as well as have written instructions to refer to. Assessment is based upon how well the dough rises and the final product.
 Closure to this project will consist of reviewing measurements again and breaking down different measuring aspects.
 Students will be evaluated by the final result/product and how well they worked together as a group if deemed to work in a group setting. They also will be tested on this information at the end of the week following multiple lessons on relative issues relating to this subject as well as worksheets that will accomany these lessons.
Teacher Reflections:

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