Lesson Plan : Basic Facts About South America

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Jennifer Pennington
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 Geography Unit- South America
 Essential Question: What do you know about South America? Rationale: This lesson is designed to assess students knowledge on the basic overview/concepts of South America.
 Students will participate in the "Geopardy" game to measure what they already know about South America.
 Students will participate in "Geopardy" game. Students will learn about the six different geography categories pertaining to South America. (I.e.- Natural Resources, Country Flags, Country Presidents, Important Landmarks, Capital cities, Key Events). SS.6.4.4-locate and identify the continents, major climates, major bodies of water and natural resources (e.g., knowledge of landforms such as peninsulas, mountain ranges, plateaus, river valleys, lakes), and compare and analyze the relationship of people and the environment with regard to population, settlement and trade. SS.6.4.8-compare and contrast general characteristics of the population of selected regions with regard to economics, religion, language and movement.
 Geopardy Game Board Pens/Pencils Paper
 Essential Question: What do you know about South America? Think,pair,share
 Today we are going to play "Geopardy" to see what you already know concerning South America!
 -Students will divide into small groups -Pass out paper -One group will choose a category and point value. -Read the question and have all of the groups write the answer of their paper. -When the time is called, students are to hold up their answers. -Award points to all groups that answered the question correctly.
Checking For Understanding:
 Essential Question: What do you know about South America? Ask every third student what they have learned about South America today? Homework- worksheet on South America.
 Student participation: individual/group Completion of homework worksheet.
Teacher Reflections:

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