Lesson Plan : Talking to the World

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Perry
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 Asia / Africa timeline Brochure
 Time periods before 1500, in Africa or Asia
 SWBAT persuade others to look further into a particular time period. SWBAT accurately depict a time period through research of graphics and factual information.
 Create a brochure that includes 5 graphics and 5 facts pertaining to a certain time period in the history of Asia or Africa, prior to 1500.
 Student notes, computers (for research & typing up brochure), glue, markers, scissors, graphic organizer (organize graphics, text to go with graphics, and 5 facts before placing them all into a brochure)
 Students will look at two brochures (one poorly created depicting a place, and one that will attract the students and get them excited) and then write about how each brochure makes them feel about the places the brochures depict, and what they think about the brochures.
 Teacher will hold a whole class discussion on all the information we have learned this year, and how it is possible to create a brochure to show people what we have learned. Teacher will also discuss the importance of graphics chosen, facts written, and the overall presentation of a brochure in capturing an audiences attention.
 Students will fill out graphic organizers to prepare for creating their brochures.
 Students will be given different amounts of material to include in their brochure, depending on their capabilities. Some students will be required to have more pictures and explinations of pictures, while other students will be required to have more facts. Also some students may have a smaller time frame to include in the brochure, possibly a particular event in history.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be assessed by means of the rubric used for grading the brochure project, which includes the students presentation, as well as accuracy of information in the brochure.
 Review how fabulous the brochures were, commenting on something particularly fabulous in each students brochure. Students are welcome to add positive comments.
 Students will be evaluated through the rubric created ahead of time, and there will also be questions from these time periods in an end of the year test.
Teacher Reflections:
 Hopefully this will go well :)

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