Lesson Plan : Middle Ages

Teacher Name:
 Meix Boira, Loreto
 Grade 4

 Socials Sciences
 Castle Miravet's castle Society (Knights, peasants, serfs, traders, etc) Crafts and trades Where do the surnames come from? Black Death Farming Trading The cities Medieval Writting Churches, Monasteries and Cathedrals
 To understand life style in the Middle Ages. To learn events and facts in the past. To learn cultural differences between people today and people in the past. To learn the religios beliefs. To study the art elements and styles.
 Life style in the Middle Ages. Most important events and facts in the Middle Ages in Europe and in Spain. Jobs, trades, writers in the Middle ages. Surnames, hand writing. The importance of religion in the Middle Ages. Romanesque and Gothic art.
 Hands outs. ICT Activities Computery room Classroom
 The event is going to be focused by different educational technics such as brainstorming, or word walls in order to let students talk about what they already know. The teacher is going to plan the classes from the previous learning of the students. The class is going to be participative.
 There are going to be short explanations. ICT is going to be very useful (Computery room, power points). The students will have different sorts of exercises (pair work, plenary, individual, etc.)
 The activities are going to be fully guided by the teacher by individual observation and general explanations in the blackboard.
 The slower students can be mixed whith more able ones in order to help them, althought the teacher is going to be the maximum responsible of them. so students can learn of each others.
Checking For Understanding:
 Word of vocabylary is going to be essential because it is necessary in to areas; English language and Sosicla Sciences.
 The course (AICLE) is going to be practical with selected topics related to the middle ages and the students are going to use computers to sort out exercises, to make timelines, to write summaries, to do internet reserach, etc.
 The teacher is going to take notes daily to measure the progress of the whole group.
Teacher Reflections:

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