Lesson Plan : Who Are The Native Americans?

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Gina Waggoner
 Grade 1
 Social Studies

 Introduction to the Native Americans
 Native Americans Tepee Tribes
 Students will be able to describe items associated with Native Americans Students will gain an understanding of the culture and history of Native Americans Students will gain an appreciation for the Native Americans, their culture, lifestyle, and traditions
 Students will be able to identify items associated with Native Americans Students will learn how to make a Native American headband Students will recognize Native American music Students will learn how to make a Native American drum
 "I�m a Little Indian" song Listening examples of Native American music (YouTube) Brown construction paper Craft feathers Glue Beads Coffee cans (clean) with metal bottom cut off but with plastic lid intact Oatmeal containers Wooden spoons Paint Construction paper
 Dress as a Native American Show students authentic Native American items Play Native American music Watch "Brother Bear"
 Talk about Native American music and instruments (YouTube) Talk about Native American housing and food Talk about Native American clothing Teach the song �I�m a Little Indian�
 Make a Native American drum Make Native American headbands Sing �I�m a Little Indian�
 For hearing impaired students � use the drum so they can feel the vibrations � use sign language for the words to the song or use motions for the words 2. For visually impaired children � use the drum for the students to feel the materials
Checking For Understanding:
 Can students identify Native American items? Can the students relate relevant information to the teacher when asked?
 Review the types of clothing and instruments that the Native Americans use Review the things that are associated with Native American food and housing Introduce more Native American instruments
Teacher Reflections:

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