Lesson Plan : Discussing Your Family Tree

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Brister
 Grade 2
 Social Studies

 Discussing both family and family members and making a family tree poster
 Family tree, family, generations, siblings, parents, pets, grandparents, interview, characteristics, unique.
 Students will have a good understanding about a family tree. Students will learn about their family members and characteristics of each member. Students will be able to share and explain their family tree in front of the class.
 Students will be able to list and categorize the members of their family in correct sequence and order. Students will be able to describe and list at least three different characteristics of each member of their family. Students will show seven or more accurate facts/family members on their poster. Students will have a title that can be read from six feet away and is quite creative. Students will use correct capitalization and punctuation throughout the poster. Students will make a exceptionally attractive poster in terms of design, layout, neatness, and colorfulness. Students will have all family members listed with labels that can be read from at least three feet away. Students will have a neat, colorful drawing to match each label. Students will sit quietly and make eye contact when a classmate is sharing their family tree.
  Poster board, markers, crayons, pencil, color pencils.
 Teacher will gather class together on the back carpet. Teacher will introduce a book, The Family Tree Detective: Cracking the Case of Your Family's Story. This book will clearly and simply explain to kids how to get started researching their family tree.
 Teacher will explain to students that they are going to be making a family tree. Ask students if they have ever seen a family tree or if their parents have one at home. If so, have the student explain to you what it looks like. Then, explain to students that a family tree is a representation of their family that is often depicted in the shape of a tree. Teacher will show an example of a family tree so students can get an idea of how a family tree might look. Teacher will go over detailed directions of the family tree project with the students as well as the rubric that will be used for students to know what they need to have in their project and how it will be graded. As the teacher is explaining and going over exactly what needs to be in the family tree, she will be pointing to the specific area on her example family tree to make it very clear for the students to see what is expected. Explain to students that their family tree would begin with themselves at the bottom of the trunk with each of their brothers and sisters listed to the side of them and then branches out with their parents above them. Explain to students that their family trees may look very different from their neighbors, or anyone else's in the class. Explain to them that each family tree is very unique just as their families are each very unique.
 Teacher will put students in to groups of 2 by picking names on Popsicle sticks out of a container. Once students have a partner they will discuss their own ideas for this project. Students might share ideas of how they are going to find out information needed or talk about the different family members they are going to include on their tree. This would be a good time for students who are unsure of something or have questions about the project to ask their partner for help. Also during this time the teacher will be walking around the class and checking to make sure everyone is clear on what is expected for this family tree project. The teacher will be able to answer any questions students might still have.
  If there are students who are unable to have at least seven facts/family members because they are unknown for a particular reason, a parent will be able to write a note to the teacher explaining their situation. In that case, the student's grade will not be penalized and they will include as many family members that they know of.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will look over all posters after they are completed. Teacher will listen and observe students as they are explaining their family tree to the rest of the class. Teacher will use the rubric made for this assignment to give each student a grade on their family tree poster. At this time teacher will also check for positive behavior from the rest of the class as they are listening to the person presenting.
 After each student has had a turn to get up in front of the class and explain their family tree poster, the entire class will then have a discussion about what they learned. This is a time where students can share things they found interesting about their classmates families. Teacher will end this discussion by asking students if they have any questions. Finally, the teacher will display the completed family trees in the room on a bulletin board titled, Our Forest of Families.
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