Lesson Plan : Intro to Native American Housing

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 Social Studies Group
 Grade 3
 Social Studies

 This lesson draws attention to the most prominant types of housing that Native Americans lived in prior to colonization and narrows scope to the Plains Tepee. The intent is to give students some background knowledge about the form of housing that is so associated with most peoples' ideas of Native Americans, and also to show that Native Americans lived in many different types of housing depending on the environment in which they lived and the resourses that were available to them. The teacher will ask the following questions to introduce the lesson to students: Teacher to class,"Can you tell me anything about Native American Housing?" "Where did you learn about Native American Housing"
 After having a brief discussion about what students already know about Native American housing(apx. 2-3 min.), the teacher will show pictures of different forms of Native American housing from the website listed in the materials section. To follow up on the background knowledge discussion, the teacher will point out that Tepees are, in fact, a type of housing that Native Americans lived in here in Colorado and will ask the following questions: Teacher to class,"Does anyone know why Native Americans lived in Tepees here in Colorado?" "Does anyone know what Tepees are made of?" This discussion should take apx. 2-3 minutes. The teacher will follow this discussion up with some facts about Tepees including answering the previous questions.
 Students will then break into groups of 4-5 students. Each group will have a posterboard and a handout with a type of Native American housing on it. The handout outlines several facts about that type of housing. Students will draw the type of housing and write some information about it on the posterboard while in groups. Markers will be provided. Groups will be given 10-12 minutes to complete this activity. While students are working in groups, the teacher will walk around to give feedback to students, and check for group participation. Once this time has elapsed, the posterboards will be hung up in the classroom and referenced in future lessons.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be assessed based on participation in the group discussion and the work produced in small groups. See attached rubric.
 The teacher will briefly (1-2 min.) talk about the activity and note that students should find these posters helpful in future lessons about different Native American tribes.
 See attached rubric.
Teacher Reflections:

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