Lesson Plan : Introduction to Geography

Teacher Name:
 Miss Shepherdson
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 The 5 Themes of Geography
 The 5 Themes of Geography 1.Location-where a place is located on the earth 2.Place-the physical and human characteristics of a place 3. Human/Environment Interaction-how the earth and its people affect each other 4. Movement- how people, good, and ideas travel from one place to another 5. Region- areas in the world with common physical and human characteristics
 Students will be able to identify the 5 themes of geography. Students will be able to define and provide examples of each theme of geography.
 Students will participate in discussion about each theme. Students will be actively creating 5 Themes of Geography flip-books.
 Graphic Organizer index cards and fasteners markers
 Students will be engaged in lesson by discussing what they already know about the word geography. What previous experience have you had with social studies/geography? (discussion)
 Students will be following a graphic organizer in the front of the room with the word geography in the middle. All five themes will branch off of the circle. Teacher will explain each term followed by its definition and some examples.
 Students will have the opportunity to create examples of their own for each theme. They will be writing down each theme and its definition on various color index cards that will be made into a flip book.
 ESL learners will be paired with buddies for assistance in reading and writing definitions. Special Education students will be provided assistance from co-teacher in classroom.
Checking For Understanding:
 A review of the 5 themes will take place at the end of class. Participation in this discussion will be students' ticket out of class for that day.
 Refer to the above.
 Evaluation will take place during and after the magazine activity. Students final piece of work will measure their understanding of the 5 themes.
Teacher Reflections:
 Take time to develop each theme and what exactly it is before jumping into examples.

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