Lesson Plan : Thanksgiving Food Drive

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Jayne Ewalt
 Grade 1
 Social Studies

 Thanksgiving Food Drive Introduction to new key words, pre-math skills, the importance of community involvement, and love of neighbor.
 Community Involvement graphs and charts, bar graph, pie chart, line graph, homeless, shelter, soup kitchen, community, community service, food bank, Thanksgiving
 1) To make the children aware of the importance of community involvement. 2) To promote family interaction with the community involvement. 3) To support the idea of love of neighbor previously taught. 4) To teach pre-math skills involving the different types of graphs and charts. 5) Review the importance of Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday.
 1) Students should be able to explain what a food bank is and why it is important. 2) Students should be able to explain the importance of community involvement within their own towns and why everyone should be involved. 3) Student should be able to identify the different types of graphs and charts presented. 4) Student will learn a song supporting the math terms taught.
 Several sturdy cardboad boxes Crayons/markers Large Paper or chart showing the different types of graphs. Tape Paper Large Lined Paper
 1) Begin by brainstorming with the children of all the different foods associated with a Thanksgiving Day meal. 2) Write down the brainstormning terms on a large piece of paper or the blackboard. 2) Review exactly what Thanksgiving Day is and the history behind it.
 1) Introduce some new word such as food bank, community service, community involvement, homeless, shelter. 2) Explain to the children how not everyone has a home to go to. (be prepare to explain as best as you can questions inquiring why) 3) Explain the importance of service and community involvement in the lives of the homeless. 4) Then explain that we will be conducting a small scale can and food collection for the local soup kitchen! 5) Explain that we will also be keeping track of our progress day by day (You will want to allow about two weeks for the can and food collection but the initial lesson will be presented in one day)
 1) Take out the cardboard boxes, crayons, and markers. Partner up the children into small groups and have them decorate the boxes for Thanksgiving. Tell them to stick with the theme of Giving. (allow ten to fifteen minutes) 2) You may want to put on some Thanksgiving themed songs in the background to keep them on track. 1) Then after that activity is completed, have children sit infront of the large chart depiciting the three different types of graphs and charts: the Pie Chart, the Line Graph, and the Bar Graph. 2) Explain the differences and ask the children which would be most appropriate to track our progress! 3) Teach a song that support the information just taught on the graphs.
 1) For students that are hearing impaired, have them help to decorate the card board boxes with the other students and also the word searches and graph charts are good accomodations. 2) For students that are visually impaired, have them help in naming the different key terms learned and have them tell the class what Thanksgiving is all about at the beginning of class. They will also be accomodated with the music playing and will learn the graph song.
Checking For Understanding:
 1) Have the students write a letter to their parents telling them themselves about the food and can collection that we will be putting together! Staple a copy of your own letter to them concerning specifics to the students and have them place it in their "Home" folder. 2) Get together and sing the graph song.
 1) Ask students to name the different types of charts. 2) Go with student around the school to place the cardboard boxes.
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