Lesson Plan : President/Executive Branch

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 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Civics and Economics; President/Executive Branch of Govt
 Executive branch; Electoral College; elector; executive order; pardon; reprieve; amnesty; foreign policy; national security; treaty; executive agreement; ambassador; trade sanction; embargo; cabinet; federa; bureaucracy; independent agency; government corporation; political appointee; civil service worker; civil service system; spoiles system; merit system
 To have an undestanding of what the President and Executive branch og government does. To be able to distinguish a duty of the president from duties of the other branches. A student will be able to identify different roles that the president fills.
 TLW: 1. Explain the constitutional provision for the presidency. 2. Examine the duties of the president. 3. Describe the relationship between the presidency and foreign policy. 4. Describe the federal bureaucracy.
 Computer with projector for PPt, textbook, Constitution.
 Brief classroom discussion: "What do YOU think the President does? Define his job" Utilize the board to write down student's suggestions about what they think the president's job consists of.
 Note-taking using a PPt demonstration to cover the material about the roles and duties of the pres. Also, cover the checks and balances pertaining to the executive branch. Note: take a look at how the Constitution sets up the executive branch.
 Look at Bill Clinton's run for the Presidency in 1996 and how he upset George H.W. Bush.
Checking For Understanding:
 Quiz students on the roles of the president.
 If students were able to address qualities that they have in relation to the roles of a president, they should be able to grasp the lesson. In closure, we will review each specific role and what it means.
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