Lesson Plan : The Revolutionary War

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Deborah Holliday
 Grade 4
 Social Studies

 The American Revolution
 Events leading to the Revolutionary War Comparing the British and the Colonists What I Know, What I Want to Learn, What I have Learned Identifying Famous Americans and their contributions during the war Bunker Hill Bravery Bolsters Adams Argument American Revolution Group Creative Writing American Revolution vocabulary definitions Reports on Famous Americans of the Revolutionary War
 The purpose is to assist students in gaining a better understanding of this crucial period in our country's history. To assist students in applying prior knowledge as well as new knowledge of information that has been learned in this unit. Teach students to work cooperatively in groups. Teach students to work independently to solve problems. Teach students to report information gathered from research.
 Students will identify main causes of the Revolutionary War. Students will give reports based on key people and historical documents of the American Revolution and new nation. Students will work with a partner or in groups cooperatively. Students will apply what they learn by responding to qestions on tests and quizzes, graphic organizers, writing assignments, and other worksheets. Students will prepare with a partner a report on an important aspect of the Revolutionary War or report on a famous person and their contribution to this country. Students will use listening skills, and will follow directions.
 paper, pencils, Social Studies textbooks, Encyclopedias, dictionaries, Computers-internet, post and practice tests, quizzes, worksheets, planning guides, form/template for writing reports
 Teacher will explain to students what will take place during the next two weeks in reference to the unit of study. Teacher will ask students to take good notes and to keep information neat and organized. Teacher will explain what the unit will cover and what will be expected of each student. Teacher will encourage students to use good listening skills, ask questions and participate in class. Teacher will explain to students that she will be organizing and collecting information for a portfolio for each of them. Teacher will encourage students to work cooperatively with a partner and with a group. Teacher will encourage students to do their best work.
 Teacher and students wil brainstorm, make inferences, and use critical analysis to access prior knowledge of Revolutionary War. Teacher reviews the development and use of graphic organizers that will be used in the unit. Teach explains and discusses with students major causes of the war. She will use a map to identify areas of interest in the United States during this time, early colonial times, establishment of the original thirteen colonies, etc.
 Teacher will guide students through several activities and classwork to ensure that students receive an understanding of the information in the unit. Students will be allowed some time to work on class assignments in order that the teacher is able to monitor work and answer questions.
 Modify schedule to accomodate students with exceptional abilities.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be evaluated with different assesssment tools. For tests, quizzes, worksheets, homework, written assignments and reports, students will be assessed separately on each objective item. Teacher will collect and organize samples of work to make up student portfolios.
 Teacher will conclude unit at the end of the second week. She will summarize the lessons and discuss the highlights and major concepts. Students will be allowed to ask questions and seek assistance with any information related to the unit.
 Students will make oral presentations in class of their reports and will receive a grade. Students' work will be evaluated based on the necessary scoring criteria for each objective item. Students will evaluate themselves at the end of the unit. Students will participate in preparing conferences for parents to come in review their work and thier individual portfolios.
Teacher Reflections:
 Will complete at the end of the unit. Students will reflect on their own work, the parent, teacher, student conferences, and thier feelings about the unit, The American Revolution, thier work, the conferences, and the portfolios.

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