Lesson Plan : Needs and Wants

Teacher Name:
 Elizabeth Saldana
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Needs and Wants
 Big Question - How does money affect people? Key Concepts - Needs/Wants Subject Matter - Language Arts Team Notebooks (Ch. 12 Kagan) Key Vocabulary - Need-Needs are things people must have to live�food,clothing, and shelter. Want-Wants are things people would like to have but do not need in order to live. Scarcity -is the condition of not being able to have all the goods and services that you want. Scarcity forces people to make choices. Haves, Have Nots
 Language Arts: 1(B) respond appropriately and courteously to directions and questions (C) participate in rhymes, songs, conversations, and discussions (E) listen responsively to stories and other texts read aloud, including selections from classic and contemporary works 3.(C) ask and answer relevant questions and make contributions in small or large group discussionsA) 8.(B) develop vocabulary through reading 9.(B) establish purposes for reading and listening such as to be informed, to follow directions, and to be entertained
 The learner will: Identify the difference between a need and a want Define key vocabulary
 United Streaming video:The difference between needs and wants Gettin� through Thursday book Want and Need T-Chart (Transparency) Construction paper Glue Envelopes with pictures of different items The Wants and Needs of Making a Difference Handout Website:www.kidseconbooks.com/html/gettin_through_thursday.html Website: www.learningtogive.org/lessons/unit202/lesson1.html
 Watch United Streaming video: The difference between needs and wants on www.unitedstreaming.com
 Read Gettin� through Thursday book Pose questions to help students determine needs/wants, haves/have nots and scarcity Explain needs are something you must have for survival. Wants are something that you would like to have, but it is not necessary, and you could do without it (Ex: toys). Scarcity -is the condition of not being able to have all the goods and services that you want. Scarcity forces people to make choices. The teacher will also show the students some examples(pictures of a house, a bike, and groceries) Needs will be pasted to red construction paper and Wants will be pasted to blue construction paper.
 Use the Want and Need T-Chart (Transparency) to list wants and needs from Gettin through Thursday book Discuss the difference between wants and needs and guide the students to name the most basic needs (food, shelter, clothing).
 ESOL Considerations: The examples that the teacher uses will be pictures. If the students can not understand what the teacher is saying, they can just look at the picture. The teacher will explain to the students that the need (red) and want (blue) cards are different colors. This will help students avoid confusion.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will assess understanding of Gettin through Thursday by asking the students some comprehension questions such as "What were some of the goods that the children in Andre�s house wanted on Thursdays?" "Were these items �scarce�?" "Andre�s family had a scarcity of money each week. Do rich families experience scarcity?" "How did mama teach them to meet their needs?"
 The students will complete The Wants and Needs Making a Difference Handout. Students will circle the things people NEED with a red crayon and the things we WANT in blue.
 The teacher will give the students a handout that consists of ten different needs and wants. The student will have to color the needs red and the wants blue. Observation during independent practice while students are working in pairs. Listening and checking for understanding during whole group discussion.
Teacher Reflections:
 The teacher will grade the handouts that the students completed. Depending on the grades of the papers, the teacher will decide whether more examples or another lesson on needs and wants should be provided

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