Lesson Plan : I Have, Who Has?

Teacher Name:
 Miss Yopp
 Grade 2
 Social Studies

 "I Have, Who Has?", a review game covering all the vocabulary and material in our most recent Social Studies lesson in learning about the past and the present.
 All the material covered are things that we have learned over the past two weeks in class. The lesson will be presented the day before their test as a review of everything covered. The vocabulary, people, and terms included in the lesson includes: history, landmark, colony, settler, artifact, ancient, modern, time line, source, predict, museum, settler, El Paso, Incas, Aztecs, cause and effect, colony, independence, freedom, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, settlement, monument, memorial, hero, Thurgood Marshall, Louis Pasteur, Golda Meir, The Nobel Peace Prize, scribe, papyrus, and maize.
 My main goal for my lesson is for each of my students to be able to identify and define each vocabulary word, term, or person presented in the review and feel fully prepared for their test the next day.
 The students will each be given a card that either has a word or a definition on it. The students will be able to use index cards with words and definitions to match with the corresponding, correct index card. The students will also be able to read off of a chart of learned words to help them identify the definitions if they need to. By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to describe and identify the different words and people discussed and will be able to explain what material will be covered on the test the next day.
 Index cards that have the term or person written on it, index cards with definitions on them, a vocabulary chart written on chart paper.
 I will introduce the lesson by having each of my students make a circle around the room. I will then ask the students to look at the vocabulary chart and ask for volunteers to identify various words/people and their meanings that are on the chart. Following this, I will begin to explain my review activity.
 Following my introduction, I will show the students the different index cards I have made and explain to them how the game will work. I will ask for two volunteers, give one of them a vocabulary card and the other its' corresponding definition. I will deomonstrate to the students that I will call on a student and they will look at their card and say, "I have,__________(the vocabulary card), who has my definition?" At this time, all of the students will look at their cards and the vocabulary chart to see if they know the answer and if they have the matching card. After the students have come up with an answer in their head, I will ask the student with the corresponding card to come to the front and see if the cards match. The class will decide as a whole if it is correct, and if it is, we will give the two students a round of applause!!!After the deomonstration has taken place, I will pass out the cards to the students, making sure they know they are their "secret cards" for noone else to see. We will then begin our review game.
 We will play "I Have, Who Has?" until each student has had a turn and each word or person has been covered. I will make sure each student is actively participating and that they are doing their best to check with the class for the correct answer and using the vocabulary chart to help discover the correct words.
 The use of index cards, a vocabulary chart, and each child actively participating allows for accommodations for both those visual, tactile, and more social learners. I will also have many pictures of people and different examples that help define the words to place on the board for my ESL learners.
Checking For Understanding:
 The following day, I will quickly review with the class for their test, using the same index cards. I will be able to check for their understanding and the helpfulness of the lesson through their test performance. The test will be a very authentic and well made to meet all of the learners needs.
 I will bring closer to my lesson by having each group stand up and talk about various assigned words and people that we have learned about. Each group will present this knowledge to the class.
 I will be able to measure the progress and success of my lesson by how well the students respond, behave, and finally, perform on their test. I feel that the test I have created corresponds with the material that I will cover in my lesson. I will also verbally be able to evaluate them throughout the game and when they are making presentations to the class.
Teacher Reflections:
 Overall, my lesson went excellent and the children responded very well to the activity! After playing the game and reviewing for their test, each student made above a 90 % which was a clear indication that the student's understood the material. They also told me how much they enjoyed the activity! I loved teaching it and have used it for many other review games as well!

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