Lesson Plan : Presidents

Teacher Name:
 Elizabeth Saldana
 Grade 1
 Social Studies

 Presidents- George Washington and Abraham Lincoln President's Day Their contributions to our country
 Subject Matter - Social Studies Turn-4-Review - Rationale: This learning structure will allow the students in groups to review information in a question/answer game format. Important phrases/vocabulary - Commander & Chief of the First Continental Army, Called �Honest Abe�,Expert horseback rider,United States President, Surveyor,Refused to tell a lie,Born in February,Born in a log cabin, From Virginia,Served in the U.S.,House of Representatives, Called �Father of Our Country�,From Kentucky,Liked mathematics,Loved reading,Married,Assassinated,Lived at Mount Vernon,Taught himself, Gave the Gettysburg Address
 Social Studies 1.1A; 1.17;
 Understand some of the ways George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are honored by our country. Identify the contributions George Washington and Abraham Lincoln made in order to help shape our nation. Utilize their critical thinking skills by classifying information.
 The Picture Book of George Washington by David Adler The Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by David Adler chart paper,Lincoln and Washington: Face to Face sheets, and envelopes with phrases
 Implement Turn 4 Review Ask students what they already know about George Washington and/or Abraham Lincoln and record the information on chart paper
 Read George Washington and/or Abraham Lincoln to students by reading them The Picture Book of George Washington by David Adler and/or The Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by David Adler. Discuss the new information students learned from each book and add it to the chart.
 Have groups brainstorm a list of places or things that honor George Washington and/or Abraham Lincoln and have each group add answers to the chart. Possible answers - Washington: Washington State, Washington D.C., Washington Monument, dollar bill, quarter, Mount Rushmore , Lincoln, Nebraska, Lincoln Memorial, penny, Mount Rushmore
 Extension for Gifted/talented: Have students design and/or build a monument to a president who does not have a monument in Washington, DC. Students should explain the significance of the symbols, shapes, etc. used on the monument. Created by Kathy Aldridge, Elementary Consultant, Law-Related Education, State Bar of Texas, 2004.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will walk around the classroom as each group works on their Face to Face Worksheet. She will listen and observe each group and team members to assess their progress and understanding.
 The teacher will call out a phrase and have each group particpate by answering with the correct president. This will be a time for the groups to correct their worksheets if they have a wrong answer.
 Observation and Group Discussions
Teacher Reflections:
 This lesson and activity was very fun. Since this was the first time for the class to experience a cooperating lesson, it was a little stressful. However, the students seemed to do pretty well. I think that it is important to teach each job before implementing a group activity.

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