Lesson Plan : Let's Do Business

Teacher Name:
 Lori Waldon
 Grade 4
 Social Studies

 The topic of this lesson is to create a entrepreneur mind set in the students. (2 week lesson)
 The content of this lesson is business and how it works. Some key vocabulary include, business;profit;debt;expenses;product;and service.
 The goal of this lesson is for the students understand how a business works, being an owner/manager of a business, and running a business.
 TLW create a business TLW record sales made in a business TLW add and subtract money TLW speak in a prodessional manner to customers TLW will construct a business out of boxes
 Students forms: Guest Speaker, Sale Receipt, Change, Purpose of Business Teacher forms: Business types, Guest Speaker letter,Calender, Sign-In, Invitation, Certificate, Rubric Box Art supplies
 Discuss local business in the area. Talk about how do you think they are ran, hiring employees, responsibilities of the owner/manager. Have students brainstorm business they would like to own or manage. Identify key vocabulary: business, profit, debt, expenses, product and service. TTW will inform the students they will be creating and running a business (business types are preselected by teacher-see business type sheet). TTW group students in 3. Each group will pick one business out of a hat. The students are given 30 minutes each day to develop the business. This is not teacher directed!!
 Before the lesson begins, TTW contact local business owners/mamagers to speak to the class about running a business. During the development phase of this lesson, the owners/mamagers will each take a trun speaking to the class. A letter (guest speaker letter) is given to each owner with topics to speak about. TSW record what was learned from each speaker on the guest speaker record sheet. This sheet is turned in at the end of the 2 weeks. Each guest speaker is given a certificate of appreciation and an invitation for the business day.(attached) Students are constantly developing the business. A "store" (made out of a box) and advertisement must be created. Also, all products the students sale must be made by the students. TTW encourage the students to make enough supply for at least 20 people. This is the number of students in the other class. No store bought products may be sold.
 About 5 days into the lesson have students practice with each other in the group making a sale. The students need practice recording on the sale receipt and customer money record sheet. Do this for about 2 days, then have a mock business day. Have groups take turns being a customer and then a business. Let half of the groups shop with the other half, then switch. This goes on for 2 days. The day before the big business day, have students make final adjustments to the business and ask any last minute questions.
 Allow calculator use for Inclusion and 504 (math) students if it is in the plan. The Inclusion teacher came to my class to assist his students.
Checking For Understanding:
 TTW ask questions through out the 2 weeks. Also, TTW walk aroud the class assisting students as needed.
 TTW & TSW discuss the hard work that is needed to run a business. A discussion about all the guest speakers and the business day will take place.
 Students turn in all sale receipts, guest speaker record sheet, and a reflection sheet. The reflection sheet is a sheet filled out by each student. Also, the customers are given a sheet to fill out on the businesses and how the owners operated it. TTW take a math grade from the sale receipt; english grade from the advertisement, "store", and attitude; social studies grade from an overall completion of the project. All three use a rubric (attached)
Teacher Reflections:
 This was the best lesson I have ever done! The students really enjoyed it.

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