Lesson Plan : Colonial America #1

Teacher Name:
 Tammy Cahoon
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 The original 13 colonies and their geographic regions
 The 13 colonies New England Colonies Middle Colonies Southern Colonies geographic regions
 1. The student will gain knowledge of the original 13 colonies and their geographic regions. 2. The student will understand the similarities and differences between each of the regions of the 13 colonies.
 1. The student will locate on a map the original 13 colonies and label each colony with the correct name. 2. The student will identify the region for each of the 13 colonies and shade the colonies within each region a different color on the map. 3. The student will construct a graphic organizer comparing and and contrasting the characteristics of each geographic region of the 13 colonies (New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies).
 Colored pencils Overhead projector Blank graphic organizer for each student Worksheet for each student: "Map of the 13 Colonies" Blank grpahic organizer overhead sheet Overhead sheet with the worksheet "Map of the 13 colonies" Overhead markers
 Pictures of the Mayflower, Pilgrims, Colonial homes, profession of the colonists, etc. to set the stage for discussing the 13 colonies.
 Discuss the 13 colonies and how they were divided into three regions. Discuss the environmental features of each region and how that affected the economic structures. Discuss the cultural and political structures of each region. Explain, using the overhead projector, how to use the graphic organizer to show the similarities and differences between the three regions of the 13 colonies.
 Using their textbooks, the students will work in their groups to fill out the graphic organizer identifying the similarities and differences between the regions.
Checking For Understanding:
 Using the overhead, fill in a graphic organizer with the similarites and differences of each of the regions. Have the students turn in their worksheet "Map of the 13 Colonies" and their graphic organizer for a grade.
 Discuss the differences between life in Colonial America (specifically cultural, political, and economic differences) and their lives.
 Progress will be measured on the correct completion of the worksheet "Map of the 13 Colonies." Progress will also be measured on the detail and correct information included in the graphic organizer.
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