Lesson Plan : The Industrial Revolution

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Colon
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 Industrial revolution interchangeable part textile mill transort canal locomotive mass production
 Students will: Identify the technology Samuel Slater brought to the United States Evaluate the advantages of using mass producation Describe how factoru work had changed by the 1840's Analyze the advantages brought about by the Erie Canal Explain why the National Road was built
 Text books - work books - Article on Samuel Slater - KWL chart Word search - Early farm life hand out - Inventors and their inventions hand out - pictures of old phones
 This lesson is designed to introduce the industrial revolution to the students. Studetsw will learn about some of the key inventions that affected people in the nineteenth sentury and their efffects on familles especiallu women. The work of children in supporting the family will also be explored.
 ACCESS PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: * Teacher will ask students what do they know about the inventions of the nineteeth century. * Teacher will pass out KWL chart to students * Students will take 5- 10 minutes to fill chart what they know and what they want to learn * Teacher will discuss with whole class what they have writted down. * To further access theacher will pass around pictures of an old style phone * Teacher will ask students what are the differences between the old and new phone.
 DAY 1: Teacher will have studnets read the Early Farm life individual. Teacher will discuss the life of people on farms prior to the industrial revolution. Students will note those items that have changed in modern time Teacher will introduce the term industrial revolution (great changes brought by the machines which did the work previously done by people. Teacher will explain to students that work that was previously done at home by individuals, was now being done in factories and in greater scale. DAY 2: Teacher will review the topic from the previous day Teacher will make sure that low level readers understand the lesson from day 1. Teacher will ask the students to describe how the inventions changed life at home. Students will discuss the difficuties of people who left the farms and cane to the city to find work. Teacher will introduce the role of women in society and hoe their lives were changed by the industrial revolution and working in the factories. Students will learn that people had to work up to 16 hours a day and then go home to care for their famillies. Teacher will inform students that the conveniences we have now did not exist back then.
Checking For Understanding:
 The uderstanding of the instruction will be identified by the correct responses on the worksheets adn comprehension will be determined through oral discussion
 Teacher will review the home work sheets Inventors and Their Inventions
Teacher Reflections:

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