Lesson Plan : Community Maps

Teacher Name:
 Ms. McKnight
 Grade 2
 Social Studies

 Reading maps, map keys, creating maps.
 Students will be able to determine important places in the community.
 Students will be able to create, understand and make use of symbols. Students will be able to accurately use a map key. Students will be able to read a map of the community.
 Large (homemade or store bought) community map (with map key), map with missing places for students, and directions sheet for students.
  -�As you know we have been talking about communities.� -�We talked about important places in our community and created murals of these important places.� -�Today we are going to look at important places in the community, but this time in a little bit of a different way.�
 Display large community map. -�Does anyone know what this is?� (A map) -�What is it a map of?� (The community) -�Very good.� -�You�re made beautiful murals of the community. Today we are going to look at maps of the community. Maps are different than murals or pictures. Instead of drawing many details, maps use symbols.� -�Does anyone know what a symbol is?� (A picture the represents something) -�Symbols do not have to be perfect pictures or drawings. They are just small pictures that represent something larger.� -�On most maps is a map key which has symbols for that map.� -�On this map, the map key is right here.� (Point to map key) -�As you can see, there are several symbols in this map key.� -Point to a symbol, read what the symbol stands for and show children where it is represented on the map.� -�Who can tell me what street the Fire station is on?� -Do a few examples. -Point to a building that �drawn upside down.� -Ask students what they think this may look as though it is drawn upside down. -Turn map around to show children it right side up. -�All maps are like this. The try to be realistic.� -Ask students to locate different places on the map. -�What is an intersection?� Have you ever heard the word �intersection� before?� -�An intersection is where two streets meet.� -�Can anyone name an intersection on this map?� -�Which buildings have parking lots with them?� (Mall, hospital, and bank)
 -each studnet receives their own map with some information/places missing. -each student also receives a sheet with directions for completing the map. -As a class, read directions. Tell students that they will be completing this community map. -Complete first two as a class and answer any questions the students may have.
 For student in class with mental disability: -Will complete same map but with individualized direction sheet. -Will be asked to color houses blue, firestation red, etc...
Checking For Understanding:
 -Where students able to complete their maps? -Did students draw the building in the correct placement for the street? -Do the students understand the use of map keys and symbols?
 -"Why are maps important?" -�What is a symbol?� -�What is a map key? -�What is an intersection?�
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