Lesson Plan : The Algonquian Way of Life

Teacher Name:
 Nicole Bartone
 Grade 4
 Social Studies

 ~Aspects of the Algonquians way of life ~Geography of New York State
 ~Algonquians depended on nature for survival ~Algonquians were Native Americans of New York ~Aspects of Algonquian life - food, shelter, physical appearance, clothing, travel, money ~wigwam, moccasins, wampum, canoe
 ~Students will learn about aspects of Algonquian life.
 ~Students will identify the role that nature played in the lives of these Native Americans. ~Students will predict where these Natives Americans settled in New York State using knowledge of the geography of the state.
 ~Students will be told that they will act as anthropoloigists to find information about the lives of a group of people called the Algonquians. ~Students will look at a picture of an Algonquian village to generate some prelimenary ideas.
 ~Students will brainstorm aspects of Native American life using clues from the picture. ~Teacher will identify the focus as how they used nature in their daily lives.
 ~Students will work in jigsaw groups to read about a specific aspect of Algonquian life (food, shelter, physical appearance, clothing, travel, money) ~Students will become "experts" on the assigned topic, as they take notes using a graphic organizer.
 ~Several students will be grouped homogeneously to read about aspects of Algonquian life, those students who require support in reading and identifying relevant details.
Checking For Understanding:
 ~Students will write a short paragraph to tell about how the Algonquians used nature in their daily lives. They will have to use information they learned in their "home" group.
 ~Students will make predictions, using knowledge of New York State geography, as to where these Native Americans settled. ~Students will justify responses using acquired knowledge of the way of life of the Algonquians.
Teacher Reflections:

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