Lesson Plan : Checks and Balances: Day 3

Teacher Name:
 Kelli Bossemeyer
 Grade 4
 Social Studies

 Checks and Balances
 The students will have an understanding of what checks and balances is and how it works within the three branches of government. Students will be introduced to several examples of how each branch checks on the others as well as itself.
 By looking at their notes, books, and worksheets the students should be able to make a flow chart over what they learned about checks and balances.
 Day 4 objectives: To understand checks and balances. To learn how it works and understand several examples of how each branch checks on one another, and how this concept relates to separation of power learned on Day 1.
 Books, notes, writing paper, pencils, colored pencils, game pieces
 At the beginning of class, the students will review what they learned about the three branches of government. Knowledge of this will help them understand the notes they will be taking today over checks and balances.
 The students will copy what checks and balances is and a few examples from each category on the notes.
 The students will then get in pairs and fill out their flow charts over checks and balances. After they are finished with this they will do a worksheet.
Checking For Understanding:
 To check for understanding and prepare for the test tomorrow the students will play a game.
 The students will ask any questions they have concerning the test tomorrow.
 The students should gather this information well. They will be evaluated over what they learned tomorrow on the final assessment.
Teacher Reflections:

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