Lesson Plan : The First Americans

Teacher Name:
 Jessica Bolen
 Grade 3
 Social Studies

 The first Americans and the ice age. How the ice age ending effects us today.
 Students will meet several social studies indicators through the use of time lines, cause and effect charts, and making comparisons about what the world was like during the ice age, immediately after the ice age, and today. Key terms: archeologist, glaciers, mammoths, and migrate.
 Students will understand cause and effect, and the effects the end of the ice age had on the first Americans. Students will understand what the world was like during the ice age.
 Chart paper, markers. Ice age pictures.
 Students will take a pre-test entitled what happened after the ice age. Teacher and students will read aloud pages 34-39, from the text Build Our Nation. Students will learn key terms from the text.
 Students will create a cause and effect chart to display for the whole class about what the causes of the ice age ending lead to for the first Americans. Students will attend field trip to the Indian Mound Park. The tour will explain how the first Americans hunted and how the later gathered. Students will have the opportunity to throw spears and hunt like the first Americans.
 Following the field trip students will answer a question and answer page about the ice age and the first Americans. Students will be given time to explore information about the ice age on the internet.
 Writing for some students, allowing some students to type answers. Teacher will read all information for struggling readers. Teacher will assist students who need help in creating their cause and effect charts.
Checking For Understanding:
 Post-test students will take another test asking what happened after the ice age.
 Students and teacher will discuss the field trip and students will write about what they would have done if they lived in the ice age.
 Pre-test, Post-test, and writing assignment.
Teacher Reflections:
 The hands on field trip really help the students to unerstand how hard it would have been to hunt in the ice age.

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