Lesson Plan : How Storytellers affect a culture

Teacher Name:
 Ann Lanpheir Herbert
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 Using the Norse Sagas to show how storytellers would teach social lessons.
 The subject is the Sagas of the Vikings. Key vocabulary is the following: Saga, Skald, Viking, Jom Viking
 There are three goals of this lesson. 1. To show how the storytellers of yesteryear taught people valuable lessons about life. 2. To show how we can take our own life experiences and make them into good stories. 3. To have the students think about the qualities of good leaders.
 The students will create a story and select someone to be their skald or perform the story in a group. They will be perpared to discuss the "moral" of the story with the class.
 Copy of Norse story "Loki at the feast". Copies of Jom Vilkings story. Black Board and colored Chalk.
 During the time which we are studying the Norsemen I would read them the story of Loki at the feast. I would explain that this is a teaching story. I would then ask the class,"What was the skald trying to teach with this story?" I would write the class's answers up on the black board.
 I would tell the class that we are going to create a story. It is a story the will teach about leadership. I would ask the class to list what makes up a good leader and what makes up a bad leader. I would make two lists on the board and use different color chalk for each lists. I would ask the class if they knew of a leader that showed either a good characterist or a bad charactertist.I would take an example and create a story.
 I would show the class how to create a story. Taking their example I would use a spideweb to put in the facts of the story. I would not use the real name of the person. I would stop the person telling me what happen before the name got out and change the persons name to Oalf. I would then put the good or bad characterist up and have the students come up with an adventure that showed this characterist. I would then elaborate the story and tell it to them in good storyteller fashsion.
 If I have some students that perfer to work alone I will allow them to create their story by themselves.
Checking For Understanding:
 The groups will do their stories and after they have done there stories the class will discuss shortly the moral of the story and how will did the story tell the moral.
 I will ask the class to write a story reflecting good or bad leadership for homework. I create a board and put the stories up.
 I will evaluation this lesson on two levels. The stories done in class and the homework. Class participation will make up a lot of the grade. I will travel to each groups and listen to see how much are the individuals are participating. I will also grade the stories turned in for crtical thinking involving leadership styles and for the standards of good storytelling.
Teacher Reflections:

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