Lesson Plan : Writing A Voting Amendment

Teacher Name:
 Ms. E. Evans
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 To have students write their own voting amendment similar to the amendments in the Constitution of the United States to reinforce understanding of how the voting amendments were written by the framers of this important document.
 Social Studies/Language Arts intergration Vocabulary taken from the XV amendment, XIX amendment, XXIV amendment,and the XXVI amendment
 To have each heterogeneous group write their own original voting amendment using the vocabulary found in the voting amendments of the Constitution of the United States, in order to reinforce the understanding of how the framers of this important document worked together to create and write it.
 Students will be able to create their own original voting amendment. Students will be able to use a cluster web to develop a draft of voting amendment.
 Chart paper for Word Splash chart, cluster webs, transparency of cluster web, multi-color markers, vocabulary word list, writing rubric, and overhead projector
 Discussion about the voting amendments of the Constitution of United States.
 Teacher will read and explain the writing rubric to the students, so they will know how they are being graded. Teacher will ask students to take out their vocabulary list from their Social Studies folders. Teacher will assess students with a brief review of the vocabulary word meanings. Teacher will hang up chart paper to create the word splash chart. The topic of the voting amendment will be in the center of the word splash chart. (School Uniforms) Teacher will explain what the word splash chart is and its use. (Brainstorming ideas). Teacher will write one o the vocabulary words on the word splash chart with one of the colored markers. Teacher will ask each student to come up to the chart and write a vocabulary word on the chart. (These words will be combined to write the amendment). Teacher will distribute a cluster web to the students. Teacher will place the cluster web transparency on the overhead projector. Teacher will explain how to complete the cluster web by writing in the inner circle and writing the vocabulary words in the outer circles from the word splash chart. Students will divided into heterogeneous collaborative groups. Each group will complete a cluster web by using information from the word splash chart and then, each group will write a draft of their voting amendment using the word splash prompt. (School Uniforms).
 Teacher will model each activity. 1) Word Splash chart. 2) Cluster web
 Each group will be hetergeneous.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will walk around and periodically, ask questions to individual groups.
 Discussion about creating their voting amendment.
 The publishing copy of the voting amendment of each group will be graded by a rubric.
Teacher Reflections:

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