Lesson Plan : Learning about Pointillism

Teacher Name:
 Cathy M. Storkamp
 Grade 7-8
 Arts and Crafts

 Students will learn about George Seurat and the style of painting known as Pointillism.
 Art History/Pointillism project Vocabulary: Pointillism/Divisionism, George Seurat,blending, juxtaposing
 Students will learn about the work of George Seurat. Students will learn how to create a work of art using dots. Students will learn about color and how the eye sees color.
 TLWD: applying by 1. formulating goals to complete tasks, 2. using sequenced procedures to complete art activity, 3. developing a logical sequence to complete an activity. TLWD: analyzing by examining and using imagination as a source of symbolic and abstract expression. TLWD: organizing by selecting and combining media and art tools that will produce a new result. TLWD: evaluating by 1. determining how aspects of history can be revealed through art, 2. predicting the main purpose for art in society, 3. by determining the decorative, functional and symbolic purposes in his or her own art.
 Biography on George Seurat, examples of Seurat's art work, 9x12 drawing paper, tempra paint, paint brushes, water, newspaper, containers for water and paint, paper towels, overhead, computer for biographical information, small drawings of apples, color pencils
 Look at George Seurat and his style of painting. Read a biography on Seurat and study his painting "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte".
 Explain how Seurat took several years to do his large painting. Remind students that this painting is composed of tiny dots of color placed next to each other. Talk about how Seurat used only primary colors and allowed the viewer's eye to do the mixing of color. Demonstrate by doing a small area of a painting using dots that are placed next to one another. Remember to explain that this art is supposed to be looked at from far away.
 Students will take a small picture of an apple and color pencils and color in the apple using small dots of color. Assist them in using more than just red to color the shaded areas of the apple.
Checking For Understanding:
 Did the students understand how to shade using dots? Did the pictures they created reflect the style of Pointillism? Did the students learn the information about Seurat? Do they understand the vocabulary?
 Quick review of information about Seurat and Pointillism. How this style influenced the future of painting.
 Did students understand how the colors were mixed by the eye of the viewer and not the artist? Give a quick verbal quiz on the information covered to determine understanding.
Teacher Reflections:
 Are students ready to move to the elements? Do they understand the concept that was being taught? Did they learn about how the artist influenced others during the time period and into the future?

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