Lesson Plan : Color Theory

Teacher Name:
 Cathy M. Storkamp
 Grade 7-8
 Arts and Crafts

 Teaching students Color Theory, how to mix colors using primary colors and black and white, and the relationships of colors on the color wheel.
 Key vocabulary: Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Intermediate Colors, Analogous Colors, Monochromatic, Intensity, Complimentary, Warm, Cool
 TLWD: an understanding of the color wheel and the relationship between colors on the color wheel. TLWD: analyzing by studying how one color relates to another. TLWD: synthesizing by mixing colors and creating new coloros through the process.
 To teach students that the primary colors are used to creat all colors. To teach the relationship between colors. To assist students in mixing new colors by using various amounts of the primary colors and black and white
 Web site at funbrain.com , overhead, color spots on transparencies in the primary and secondary colors, paper,, water, paper towels, newspaper for desks, containers to mix paint in, paint brushes, paint in the following colors: red, yellow, blue, black, white.
 Demonstration of the way colors mix together using the overhead and the color spots. When the color spots are overlapped, the area of overlap creates a new color (two primary colors would mix to create a secondary color). We would go through all the combinations of the primary colors to show students how they are used to make the secondary colors.
 On a piece of paper, using the primary colors only, we would mix the secondary and intermediate colors and also demonstrate how adding black and white to the colors changes the intensity of the color.
 Students will make their own colors using only primary colors. They must mix all secondary and intermediate colors by combining various amounts of the primary colors together.
Checking For Understanding:
 Worksheets on the color wheel will be filled in as a way of determining understanding of the lesson.
 Quick review of primary and secondary colors (other terms will be discussed in depth at a later lesson)
 Are the students able to name the Primary colors? Is it possible to mix them? Are the students able to name the Secondary colors? Are students able to mix them? Can students tell how they mix the Intermediate colors?
Teacher Reflections:
 This is a lot of material to learn in one lesson. Some students may not be able to learn all of it in one lesson and may need more chunking.

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