Lesson Plan : Rainforest 3-D Art

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Cliff
 Grade 3
 Arts and Crafts

 Rainforest 3-D Art (EDITED)
 Understanding of media techniques and processes in 3-D Art Knowledge and understanding of the Rainforest
 Students will be able to create a 3-D rainforest scene using media techniques and processes in 3-D Art.
 Given art tools and supplies, students will create a 3-D Rainforest Scene illustrating five aspects of the rainforest. Students will orally present their 3-D Rainforest Scene to the class.
 Pencils, paintbrushes, paint, file folder, lightweight cardboard rainforest cutouts, scissors, and a file folder. (Make sure to precut folder for 3-D effect)
 Inform students of what we are going to do today and what will be expected in order to get credit. Today we are continuing our unit on the rainforest. We will be creating a 3-D rainforest scene. In order to receive full credit, you must complete your 3-D rainforest scene according to instructions given and present it to the class.
 Remind student about previous lesson on Rainforest. In our previous lesson we learned about how the rainforest has many species of plants and animals. We learned how the rainforest has the largest amount of different animals then other places on Earth. Can any one recall the tropical rainforests four layers? A correct answer would be the Emergent layer, the canopy and the under story. Can someone name a rainforest animal that we talked about in a previous lesson?
 Have students choose an animal cut out. Remind student to make sure they know the name of their animal. Tell them once they have chosen a rainforest animal cut out to illustrate the background of their tropical rainforest scene. Make sure students draw their backgrounds on the inside of the given file folder. Once students have finished drawing out their outline of the background of their tropical rainforest scene have them paint their rainforest animal. Have students set aside painted animal, to dry. Instruct students to paint their background of their rainforest scene. Once folder and animal cut out are dry, instruct students to glue their animal on to the folder. Model for students how their animal should be glued to the middle cut out flab.
 Students who are unable, will need to have a paraprofessional write out their paragraph. After paraprofessional helps write paragraph, students will be required to rewrite paragraph.
Checking For Understanding:
 Circulate and make observations on whether students are on task and following directions. As teacher circulates, ask students what rainforest animals are being depicted in thier 3-D rainforest.
 Have students share their 3-D Rainforest scene with the whole class.
 The teacher will ask students to share their 3-D rainforest and explain what rainforest animal they choose. Students will be assessed with a rubric. The lowest score being 1 and the highest being 4.
Teacher Reflections:
 How well did the students follow directions for this lesson? Looking at the assessment outcomes, examine how well students completed this project. Did students enjoy this lesson and what will I change for the next class to make it better? What worked today?

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