Lesson Plan : Bad Hair Day Line Design

Teacher Name:
 Mrs Barber
 Grade 6
 Arts and Crafts

 Line Design
 Art/Drawing and asthetics Line Horizontal Vertical Diagonal ZigZag Curved Line Quality Medium Line Variation
 Define the term line. Name the different kinds of lines and describe the kinds of messages or feelings communitcated by each. Draw a variety of lines that create a visually exciting composition.
 Complete the worksheet for line in class. Draw a dot-to-to picture that give us the impression of the path of a dot through space. Draw a picture of a person's "bad hair" that reflects the personalities they have.
 Drawing paper, worksheets, pencils, black markers, tracing paper, old magazines, scissors, constuction paper, glue
 Students will brainstorm a list of words they think of when they hear the word LINE (ex. path trail, road, row, curve, slant). Record their ideas on the overhead. Discuss what all the words have in common (all suggest movement). Explain that lines can lead the eyes, into, around, and out of visual images.
 Complete the worksheet over the elements and principles of art/Line. Draw examples of line and reflect on the line quality each has. Draw a dot-to-dot picture to reflect "the path of a dot through space".
 Draw a dot-to-dot picture to reflect "the path of a dot through space". Check the picture in class and begin drawing the "Bad Hair Day Design" using a familiar person as the subject.
 Vary the subject and materials use for the project. WOrk is two-dimensional so darwing materials will be used.
Checking For Understanding:
 Monitor students as they review and check student work to maintain quality products.
 Students will complete assessment checklist and turn into the teacher.
 Grade Rubric for Bad Hair Day Design Name_________________ Day 1 2 Elements of Design ___Drawing uses 5 kinds of lines we studied in class. ___Space around the face is used effectively. Craft ___Lines are drawn neatly. ___Personality of the lines is reflective in the way they are drawn. Creativity ___The artwork is original. ___The artwork looks complex and interesting. _ Effort ___The student planned the project carefully and used the space effectively. ___The student followed directions for the assignment. ___The project was continued until it was as complete as the student could make it. ___The student was responsible for handling materials carefully and cleaning up after themselves. Grade
Teacher Reflections:
 Check eah project individually and return grade sheets to the student.

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