Lesson Plan : Manzanar

Teacher Name:
 Wendy Manzella
 Grade 7-8
 Arts and Crafts

 4 Hours Total: 2 days of class-2 hours each day
 1.Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes 2.Creative expression 3.Choosing nd evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols and ideas 4.Historical/cultural perception
 1.Familiarize student with life and conditions in war torn Manzanar 2.Introduce collage as a means of visual expression 3.Incorporate elements and principles of design
 1.The student will recognize the cultural differences between prisoners in Manzanar and themselves 2.The student will disassemble images from Manzanar and reassemble them into a collage that represents their vision of Manzanar 3.The students will create a collage that adheres to a specific theme and that employs the elements and principles of design
 1.Elmer's Glue 2.Poster board,wood,construction paper,etc. (students will chose a base to adhere their collage to) 3.Photographs,magazine prints,internet images, and any other materials that relate to Manzanar that the student wants to include in their collage
 Introduce collage project to students and discuss what is required to complete the project. Begin a discussion about the subject matter and style of the work to be completed. Next, the students will view picture slide of examples of images from Manzanar. Then the students will view examples of past student projects to genrate ideas for their projects.
 1.Students will research magazines, photos, and internet for images that relate to prisoner life in Manzanar. Student will gather additional materials that they want to use to create their collage. 3.Students will pase materials to their chose base and begin constructing their collages 4.Students will work on their collage projects during class perios to allow for assistance,questions,concerns 5.Students will finish their collage art pieces and turn them into the teacher for grading
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will share their work during a class critique. Students will give feedback on what they think makes the piece successful of not.
 A = 90-100% B = 80-89% C = 70-79% D = 60-69% F = 59% or less
Teacher Reflections:

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