Lesson Plan : Japanese Rock Garden

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Earls
 Grade 7-8
 Literature Activities

 Farewell to Manzanar Essay and arts project
  Students will create a miniature rock garden in the traditional Japanese style. Students will use applied techniques of artistic aesthetics.The students will then analysis their choices of items employed and explain the symbolism used to represent these items in the one page minimum essay.
 Teach cultural diversity and appreciation. Review novel with application of elements covered in reading. Use of language arts skills to complete essay including: Word choice, essay format, critical thinking and analysis. Applied arts project with introductory Japanese design and composition elements covered.
 Each student will receive an 8 inch X 8 inch wooden box and approximately one half pound of clean sand. The students will be responsible for providing all rocks, accents, and additional items employed for the rock garden either from nature or items from home. The students will view a short film from the internet on Japanese rock gardens, and will be presented with lecture notes on the process and design elements used in Japaneses rock gardens. Essay format and expectations will be provided on a print out.
 Short lecture on the significance of "karesansui" or dry gardening, in Japansese culture. Review the motives of characters in Farewell to Manzanar novel for creating these types of gardens with discussion. Introduce the artistic portion of the project along with the essay portion through examples and handouts.
 Short film on Japanese Rock Gardens from internet. Show example of finished project and share guidelines for the essay.
 Students will have in class time to ask questions and design their own rock gardens. Essays will have two drafts,and a final essay.Two checked and returned for corrections, with final being graded.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each student will show there project on the final day of the session. Prior to this date students will have handed in and had returned essays two times for corrections, and will also turn in these essays on the final day fully revised, with the rock garden project.
 A full 2 hour block will be used on the end of project day to share projects with class and hand in final essays.
 Total points: 200pts Artistic portion:100pts 80 for completion 10 for creativity 10 for neatness and design Essay 100 pts full points for complete adherence to essay guidelines and corrections Spelling 20pts grammar 20pts format 20pts Creativity 20pts Neatness 20pts
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