Lesson Plan : Masquerade Masques

Teacher Name:
 Lori. Dalton
 Grade 7-8
 Arts and Crafts

 This weeks topic is integrating a "Fiction" theme in with a "All About Me" theme.
 The subject matter will consist of integrating Fictional characteristics of monsters, fairies and other imaginary creatures to create art and to express personal emotions in a creative and different way. Vocabulary that should be covered and discussed is the words: Masquerade, Fiction, Disguise, and various types of fictional creatures will be talked about.
 The goals for having the Fiction theme with the personality theme is to take ones personality and apply it to a fictional identity so the children can feel more comfortable with expressing themselves in front of others. The goal of combining these themes is to have the children come out of their security zone and become more comfortable in front of one another. If every child is able to talk about themselves openly in front of their peers by the end of the week, then this goal will be meet.
 To have the children become more comfortable with one another. To become more comfortable with themselves. To become comfortable with talking in front of peers and to become non-judgmental of themselves or others.
 Arts and Crafts, Dramatic Skits, Workshops, Co-operative Games, Sports, A Social Event, Swimming, Night Activity.
 The week will start off with an introduction to the Themes "Personal Me" and "Fictional Me." There will be a review of different fictional characters, and a discussion of some of the children s favorite fictional mediums. By doing this, the children can relate to one another and find other children with common interests. After doing this the first art activity will be for the children to create two paintings. One of how they are seen by others around them as a real life person, and another one of what they think they would look like as a fictional character. By doing this exercise the children can compare realistic identities and fictional identities and talk about the personal traits that they have applied to their fictional pictures and the reasoning behind the additions.
 As an ice-breaker to group games, the game "Giants, Wizards, Elves" will be played. This game is to get a team working together and have them become familiar with one another. Other sports can be implemented, such as simple soccer or volleyball and the children will be in a round robin where they can select their own fantasy character team names. This will be a simple way of integrating fantasy names into simple sports. The sports will be conducted for the purpose of combining gross motor development and physical fitness into one.
 Every night there will be a monitored night activity that the children can become involved in so they can socialize before the day is over. Activities include, night time hide and seek, camp fires, laser tag, night hikes, and night swims, movies and game nights.
 Aside from the arts and crafts, sports, group act ivies, swimming etc. The children will be part of a weekly workshop where they will learn about things that will be helpful to be knowledgeable later in life. These workshops are geared to help in good decision making in high school life. This week focuses on how genetics make us all different. What self-esteem and self-concept are and what a positive attitude and proper expression can do to improve your own well-being and the well-being and strengthening of relationships of those around you.
Checking For Understanding:
 There is no test to see if a more positive self-esteem, self-concept or more comfortable and positive attitude has been gained throughout this week on paper. Instead all of the counselors will get together and discuss the improvements and things we need to help each child in improving. If needed we can take children aside to talk to them about things that they would like to do with the group to make them feel more comfortable.
 To wrap up this while week, the students will be invited to participate in a Friday Night Social Event in the form of a Masquerade Ball Dance. They will have made masques earlier in the week in an art workshop, where they will have also learnt about the origin of a masquerade dances, where they will have watched a movie "Van Helsing" and where they will have been able to express dance ideas with one another. The purpose of this is to have the children interact with one another in a fun and safe social environment.
 The children aren't going to be evaluated like a teat, instead the counselors are going to evaluate development and personal improvements. Then they will collaborate to come up with specific activity plans and alterations that will help some children achieve the goals recommended so that all the children are at the same level to progress together.
Teacher Reflections:
 The teachers that are part of this program will have to work together a lot to help develop programs together. They might have to take more time to help children develop skills on a one on one and group basis. They will have to be knowledgeable about development and interpersonal relationships. All teachers are creative and motivating.

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