Lesson Plan : Color Illusions

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 Grade 7-8
 Arts and Crafts

 Transparency Illusions
 Color- Property of light which is determined by wavelength; Starting at the lowest with red (red;orange;yellow;green;blue;indigo;violet;"ROY G BIV') and ending with the shortest violet. It is also determined visually by measurement of hue, value, and saturation. Hue- The attribute by which we recognize and describe a color such as red or yellow. Value- Degree of lightness or darkness of a color in relation to white and black. Saturation- The brilliance or dullness of a color. This depends on the amount of hue in a color. Primary Color - Basic colors consisting of red, blue and yellow. Secondary Colors- Colors you create by mixing two primary colors. (b+y=green; y+r= orange; r+b= purple) Transparency- An color illusion that occurs when colors are overlapped but are still seen in their entirely.
 1. Identify primary and secondary colors. 2. Understand concepts of transparency. 3. Have students understand and complete individual projects.
 We as teachers would like to have at least 97% of our students to be able to recognize the primary and secondary colors along with saturation, hue and value in their everyday life's.
 As teachers we will need an ELMO, a computer with internet access, and a SMART board. For the students we will need acrylic paints, illustration boards, brushes, masking tape, easels along with easels lamps, and smocks. We will also need a sink, soap, plastic cups, and paper towels for clean up. We will also need an Aid to assist our deaf student.
 1. Introduce lesson along with terms. 2. Show students shareware color wheel. 3. Introduce transparency project.
 We intend to introduce the lesson by giving the students vocabulary terms. We then will introduce the shareware color wheel. Finally we will pass out handouts with proper instructions for the graded project.
 1. Present project to the students. 2. Discuss the reason for the project. 3. Demonstrate the steps of the project.
 We plan to have every student feel comfortable in the classroom. There will be a table in the back of the class where all the lesson materials will be accessible and easily found. The class will be set up so that the teacher can walk around the class and asses students on their individual work.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Review the lesson 2. While students are working on the transparency project, observe them; even help them with one-on-one projects. 3. Final grade on transparency project.
 We expect the students to be be able to recognize the primary and secondary colors along with saturation, hue and value in their everyday life's.
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