Lesson Plan : Tolerance For Every Day

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. B
 Grade 3

 Worry Stones, Teamwork, Relaxation Techniques
 In continuation of last weeks lesson we wanted to share another way that students could manage their anger. Rubbing stones are one way that students can positively release their anger and help take their minds off being upset. We felt it was important for the class to work together on a team building exercise to promote the idea that the class is a community that needs to work together. Relieving tension is a great way to keep peace in the classroom. Teaching students a healthy way to relax on their own can help them not only in school but at home as well.
 1. Students will learn to channel their anger in positive ways. 2. Students will work together to share materials for creating their worry stones. 3. Have students be comfortable managing stress. 4. Have students interact and work together who may not have worked together in the past. 5. Teach students to speak kindly to one another and to communicate with one another. 6. Successfully complete team ice breaker activity. 7. Teach students how to monitor their breathing. 8. Teach students toe tensing activity. 9. Help students better manage stress
 Students will be comfortable self monitoring themselves when they feel stressed or worried by using their stones. Students will learn to ask for help or assistance from another student. Students will treat others as equal. Children will be able to relax with deep breathing exercises. Children will be able to regain focus sooner after a situation that previously might have made them loose their composure by practicing breathing techniques or toe tensing exercises.
 Clear stones from a craft store, various scrapbook paper with patterns, clear glue, scissors, pencil. Sheets of paper or another medium that student will be able to step on and pass to one another in order to complete the activity. Rugs or mats for students to lay on, cornstarch, water, mixing bowls.
 Let students know its okay to worry or feel stress. Worry, stress, or anger can all be handled in positive ways if we can recognize these feelings in our body and act appropriately. Tell students in order to complete this activity they must be able to communicate with one another and problem solve together. Finding ways to relax can help improve a person's attention span and ability to focus.
 Show students a completed worry stone, how to trace the stone and then cut out the paper and glue it to the bottom of the worry stone. The two teachers will provide a brief explanation of the goal of the activity which is to get your team from the starting point to the final ending point without stepping on the floor only using the given number of sheets of paper to stand on. Demonstrate to class how to slow their breathing rate by taking a deep breath and holding it for a few seconds then releasing it. Also show students how to lay on their back and point their toes towards their head by focusing on their toe muscles.
 Have students work in small groups to complete worry stone activity. Give students the stepping stone papers and let them figure out a way to get there team to the final destination. Have students practice breathing techniques and toe tensing exercise.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask students how rubbing their stone can relieve tension. Ask students what they did to work together, what was the hardest part of the activity? Ask students to think of a time that they could have used one of the relaxation techniques they learned today.
 Focus on the stone and not worries or anger to help calm your body. Remind students of the importance of listening to each other, because the best part of being on a team is sharing many different ideas and learning new ways to complete tasks. Remind students that by using these techniques they are enabling themself to do better in school because they are becoming more focused and increasing their attention span.
Teacher Reflections:

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