Lesson Plan : Media

Teacher Name:
 Quintessa Brooks
 Grade 3
 Arts and Crafts

 Art Media
 medium, media(plural), ground media, drawing media, properties,
 The learner will develop skils necessary for understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes.
 The learner will:define media as it relates to art;explore varius drawing media; understand that different media have different properties.
 Reproduction of Starry Night by Van Gogh photographs or scientific drawings of leaves. 9x12 manilla drawing paper for each student 6 to 7 storage bags containing one marker,one wax crayon, one color pencil, and one oil pastel of the same color.
 Display the immage of Starry Night by Van Gogh. Ask the students to name the artist and title. Ask them what they know about the artist. Ask the students what did the artist use to create the work of art. Draw their attention to the documentation at the bottom of the reproduction. Have the students read it aloud.
 Explain to students that when the go to a museum or see a work of art in a book there will most often be documentation that tells the title of the art, the artist and the medium. Explain that the documentation on a Starry Night tells us that it is an oil on canvas. That means Van Gogh used oil paints on a canvas to make this work of art. Explain that there are many types of media, but we will focus on drawing media and ground media. Define drawing media and ground media.
 Assist the students in generating a list of drawing media and ground media. Ask the students to name things they can draw with and things that they can draw on.
 Provide an array of leaf images for students to select ranging from very simple to very detailed. Students who do not feel comfortable drawing a leaf can draw a shape.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask students to examine their paper and identify which medium has the finest line, the darkest value, and the smoothest texture. Ask them to explain why they think one medium produces a different quality from another.
 Toady we talked about the materials an artist can use to make a wotk of art. The correct term for that is media. Have students clean up thier area and return supplies to the appropriate area.
 Can the students name one type of drawing media? Can the students name one type of ground media? Can the students define the word media as it relates to art in their own words? Did the students conclude that different media have different properties because they are made from different substances?
Teacher Reflections:
 How could I make this lesson better?

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