Lesson Plan : Storytelling

Teacher Name:
 J. Benton, J Blais
 Grade 3
 Social Studies

 Mali Griots- Storytelling
 SOL: History 3.2- The student will study the early West African empire of Mali by describing its oral tradition (storytelling), goverment (Kings), and economic development (trade). SOL: Visual Art 3.10- The student will produce a work of art that communicates feelings.
 The goal is to have the students create a part of their history or personal story through art. The children have to design a diarama that tells their story. The children will do this using the only the materials provided.
 The objective is to have the boys and girls reflect on the job of the griot, and then turn themselves into griots by tell their story through art.
 felt - neutral and vibrant colors shoe box scissors black marker craft glue sandpaper
 The Griots of ancient Mali are storytellers within their society. Griots are still a fundimentals part of life in Mali. They are highly revered and respected, even by the King. Storytelling is a way to preserve history that is not only used not in Mali, but worldwide. It is a way to past on stories to future generations.
 We want to have the children create a tale about their own lives, or that of a family member, that they think is important and should be pasted on.
 As a guided pratice, we will have the kids practice cutting shapes out of the felt. These should be shapes that they can use in their diarama, such as circles for heads. The shapes, just as the people in the diarama, will need to be proportionate to their project.
Checking For Understanding:
 Visual checks to make such the objects are proportionate for the diarama. We can ask questions about their diarama to make sure the people or objects fit the story they are telling.
 Have a few volunteers show their diarama and tell their story. What did you just do? How does what you just did compare to what a Griot does? Transition: Next we will look at art object from ancient Mali (Art SOL 3.16)
 Does it tell a story? Does it express feelings? How is the craftmenship?
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