Lesson Plan : Mural work

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 Juan-Carlos Gonzlez
 Grade 7-8

 The art of the Mexican painter and muralist Diego Rivera.
 Muralism Creating, Performing, and Participating in the Visual Arts, Students perceive and respond to works of art, objects in nature, daily events, and the environment they are surround,but they also use the vocabulary of the visual arts to express their observations, when they are presented with literature that will entitle the student to seek resources that will enhance their reading comprehension such as; newspapers, scholarly journals, museum visits, artists performance,etc.
 The goal is to guide students towards a variety of comprehensible material age appropiate, culturally sensitive, to research a concept such as Muralism. Some of the outcomes will enable students to work in collaborative environment. To present the outcome from the lesson,students present their findings through narration writing,reading poems,drawings, and other creative materials use to comprehend the topic" The art of the Mexican painter and muralist Diego Rivera".
 Some of the objectives include; the student to describe the works of art of Diego Rivera and analyze it using the elements of art and principals of design vocabulary and complete a reflection paragraph. This is done after the students have been presented with the a variety of medias about the subject. The student will create a piece of art work that is two or three dimentional in form. The student or group of students also, will create pieces of art work that might resemble the artist being study in this case Diego Rivera. It is encourage that groups of students use the their cultural background to complete various assigments.
 Relevant books that are available to the students, art materials, computer software, visual diary 8x11, color pens, charcol, tempera paint, video camara, lab tops, and other materials.
 As a class we are going to focus on the mural work Diego Rivera completed during his life time, we will chose this approach to work in a collaborative team to paint a mural.
 The teacher will present an introduction about the mural work of Diego Rivera in a historical and cultural context. Student will be explain what is being expected and the various outcomes,such as being able to prepare themselves for leadership roles in their own communities.
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