Lesson Plan : Graham Cracker Architecture

Teacher Name:
 Hannah Pariseau
 Grade 7-8
 Arts and Crafts

 Decorating a gingerbread house
 Competing to decorate the best graham cracker gingerbread house, that will jugded by an unbiased judge (another teacher, or a student from another class)
 To have different groups successfully decorate graham cracker gingerbread houses.
 -Working in groups with little or no conflict -Giving the students hands on experiance working with food to build something -Having fun while observing the students' listening skills and leadership skills while competing to build the best gingerbread house.
 4 pre-built graham cracker gingerbread houses, approx. 4 containers of frosting, several packages of candy (any kind), a package of napkins, plates (preferably paper), a presentation table, plastic sandwhich bags with one corner cut off, plastic knives and forks, and extra graham crackers
 We will be learning how to decorate a graham cracker gingerbread house to make it look presentable, while working together in groups.
 First you spread the frosting CAREFULLY on the house. Then you press the candy CAREFULLY on the frosting 'glue.' Take turns, letting each person have a turn to spread frosting and add candy.
 If someone doesn't like or is allergic to frosting, you can use peanut butter. If someone is allergic to or doesn't like candy use different candy or fruit slices.
Checking For Understanding:
 Go around the room and make sure children are taking turns in groups and not fighting. Observe whether they are using materials correctly and not causing trouble (throwing it at each other etc.)
 When there are about 5 minutes left tell them to wrap it up and finish their house. Bring in an unbiased 'judge' to choose the best house, if you have time, and give out a prize to winners.
 Assessment will be based opn 2 things: 1.)List of materials that they will make. See if they did write down what they used, not including the pre-made graham cracker houses themselves 2.)The house, and how it's decorations look. The group is graded, and not just individual people.
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