Lesson Plan : Flowers for the Heroine

Teacher Name:
 Monica Simmons
 Grade 4
 Arts and Crafts

 Flowers for the Heroine
 Students create a special gift to show how much they appreciate their teacher. This is an ideal activity for substitute teachers!
 Students will be able to appreciate the duties, responsibilities, and roles of their teacher. Students will be able to identify ways that their teacher impacts their lives.
 As a class, students will be able to brainstorm important characteristics/qualities of their teacher. Students will be able to create a flower card that contains a personal message of appreciation for the teacher.
 sample of the project to show the class (finished paper flower with personal message and poem/quote attached) bottle of perfume different colors of cartolina paste scissors colored pens small cupcake paper holders single ring binder (for binding the students' work to be given to their teacher)
 With the motivation of the substitute teacher, the students will brainstorm the duties, responsibilities, and qualities of a teacher that they claim to be important (e.g. teachers help us show and be proud of our talents). Inform students that they will be creating a special gift to give to their teacher. Show a sample of the project to be completed.
 Students will paste the petals onto a cupcake paper holder. Then they will paste the flower's head onto the provided white background . (Author's Note: Any background color will do, but I suggest using one color for uniformity and visibility of work. Students can add to the background by cutting out stems and leaves and pasting them on. Encourage students to be as creative as they want! Next, students will attach a personal message to the teacher (younger students can dictate their message to the substitute teacher). In addition, students may want to select a poem or quote from a given book and include that with their personal message.
 pre-cut petals for younger students.
Checking For Understanding:
  Ask for volunteers to share their flower and message. Have the students clean their work areas.
 A personal message for the teacher means extra effort from the student. This will determine who among them appreciated the said purpose and relevance of the activity.
Teacher Reflections:

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