Lesson Plan : Pebble Painting

Teacher Name:
 Monica Simmons
 Grade 3
 Arts and Crafts

 Pebble Painting
 Student will: 1. enjoy pebble painting, understand that when engaging in pebble painting one does not have to have artistic ability. 2. appreciate their own work and the work of others develop individual thinking and creativity in art use their fine motor skills when moving the pebble around in a box.
  Through pebble painting students will be able to: 1. use their imaginations and creativity skills. 2. explain what happens when two and then three colors mix.
 3 different size pebbles that are cleaned for each student 3 primary colors of tempera paint 3 spoons per student white paper cut into a shape of a pebble boxes no deeper than 4 inches tape paper towels
 Motivate students to pebble paint by first reading the story, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, by William Steig. After finishing the story, show a few examples of pebble painting.
 Question students to stimulate discussion by asking: How do you think pebble painting is done? What do you think the finished product will look like when completed? What happens when two primary colors are mixed? What will happen if all three colors are mixed?
 Students will first choose three different sized pebbles. Students will tape the paper to the box. Each student will dip two pebbles into the two colors they choose. Placing the pebbles on the paper, students will now start to shake or tilt the box creating the design. After pebble painting with the two colors are completed, students will now use all three primary colors and pebbles to paint their second painting. Once students are finished, there will be a designated drying place for all pebble paintings. Finally, students will clean up their area and put away all materials used.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be askrd open-ended questions regarding the colors they chose and created using the primary colors.
 Students will present their paintings to the class.
 Assessment: Students will be evaluated through discussion and participation when questions are asked, for example: What happens when two colors mix? The pebble paintings will be displayed on a bulletin board. A suggestion for a bulletin board can be a donkey (Sylvester) on a rock holding a pebble (if book is incorporated). The lettering can say, "Sylvester's Collection of Magic Pebbles" (these letters are pebble painted) and art work can be displayed around him.
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