Lesson Plan : Egyptian Murals

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 Grade 6
 Arts and Crafts

 Egyptian art techniques
 Grid to grid method of enlarging and the tools used by the Egyptians Vocabulary:Mural grid papyrus t-square plumb line vertical horizontal
  To have small groups experience working together to create a large Egyptian mural in the way and means of The ancient Egyptians .
 1. To develop an understanding and appreciation of the art of an ancient culture. (Visual arts Benchmark B) 2. Understand scale drawing and learning the egyptian methods and tools. (Mathematics Benchmark E) 3. To jointly produce a large scale mural (K-12 Social Studies Benchmark B,03 Benchmark D,07 ) 4. Learn the importance of working cooperatively (K-12 Social Studies Benchmark C )
 1.Large brown craft paper glued together to create a large murals on the hall walls. 2.rulers 3. t-squares 4. plumb lines 5. perm. black markers 6. paints and pastels
 Display and discuss a picture of Egyptian working on a tomb mural. Note the original sketch on papyrus ..Note the plumb line... note the T square (or right angle ruler) Being used to draw large grig on the walls. Most importantly, Note the division of labor... each person doing his own specialty.Explain that at the end of our practice , they will work in groups to create a mural in the hall.
 Pre work: 1. We will model and practice drawing an image grid to grid(same size) 2. We will practice drawing from small to lager grid. 3. We will practice using a plumb line and T-square on the chalk board
 Once the student has "mastered" the method Each student will complete their own master sketch ( as on papyrus) as a plan for their mural.(they may complete these in color-marker, paint,and chalk -while waiting for their turn in the hall )Each group must determine if one of their sketches wiil be used or a little from each. Also how large ther quares need to be to accomodate their sketch. Once their drawing on the mural is complete, they go over their outlines with black perm. marker ... add paint and rubbed chalk to complete.
 Some times the teacher help with methods to help with drawing grid to grid. However " master" students are very good at helping!
Checking For Understanding:
 Student evaluation and critique(only possitive and objective)of the murals. WHAT WORKED? WHAT DIDN'T? WHAT WAS DIFFICULT? WHAT WAS EASY? HOW DO THEY VIEW THE EGYPTIONS? HOW DO THEY FEEL ABOUT THEIR WORK?
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