African American 1

Revolutionaries of African American History 1

- Lesson Series
- Change the World

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Black History 2

Revolutionaries of African American History 2

- Jackie Robinson
- Marcus Garvey

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Printable Black History Month Teaching Worksheets

February is Black History Month in the U.S. and Canada. In the UK and Ireland, it is celebrated in October. Here are a number of printable worksheets for this topic. All of the Black History Month worksheets were created using our platinum membership software. Click here to learn more. All thirty-six printables were created in under ten minutes.

  1. Alphabetic Order
  2. Alphabetic Order Answers
  3. Bingo Cards (Words) 1, 2, 3, 4
  4. Circle The Word Spelling
  5. Circle The Word Spelling Answers
  6. Cloze Worksheet (Word Bank; 5% removed)
  7. Cloze Worksheet (Word Bank; 10% removed)
  8. Cloze Worksheet (No Word Bank; 5% removed)
  9. Cloze Worksheet (No Word Bank; 10% removed)
  10. Cloze Worksheet Answer Key
  11. Crossword Worksheet
  12. Crossword Worksheet Answers
  13. Cryptogram Worksheet
  14. Group Creative Writing
  15. Missing Letter Spelling
  16. Missing Letter Spelling Answer Key
  17. Secret Decoder Message
  18. Secret Decoder Message Answers
  19. Spiral Vocabulary Worksheet
  20. Spiral Vocabulary Worksheet Answers
  21. Vocabulary Cross Out Worksheet
  22. Vocabulary Cross Out Answers
  23. Vocabulary Fill Puzzle
  24. Vocabulary Fill Puzzle Answers
  25. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  26. Vocabulary Maze
  27. Vocabulary Maze Answers
  28. Vocabulary Quiz
  29. Word Chop Worksheet
  30. Word Search
  31. Word Search Answer Key
  32. Word Search (Clue Based)
  33. Word Search (Clue Based) Answer Key
  34. Word Scramble
  35. Word Scramble Answer Key

Teacher Resources On This Theme

  1. Biographies of African Americans, Volume 1
  2. Biographies of African Americans, Volume 2
  3. Black History Month Lesson Plans
  4. Black History Month - Internet Summary Writing
  5. Black History Month Teaching Theme
  6. Civil Rights and Immigration Workbook
  7. Historical Documents Sites
  8. Martin Luther King Jr. Lesson Plans
  9. Martin Luther King Jr. Series
  10. Martin Luther King Jr. Theme
  11. Martin Luther King Jr. Web Sites
  12. Martin Luther King Jr. Worksheets
  13. Revolutionaries of African American History 1
  14. Revolutionaries of African American History 2
  15. Slavery Teaching Theme
  16. Slavery Worksheets
  17. Teaching about the Slavery

Civil Rights Workbook

- Reading Passage
- Helpful Series

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Martin Luther King Jr. Series

- Skill Builders
- Over 60 printables

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