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Black History Month Vocabulary


A person who favors the abolition of a practice, formerly related to slavery
Advocate A person who publically supports a policy, cause, or action
Bias Prejudice in favor of or against something, usually for a single reason
Civil Rights The rights of citizens to social equality, freedom, and political freedom
Discrimination The prejudicial or unjust treatment of different categories of people on a given basis
Emancipation Freeing someone from someone or something else who has control
Equality The state of being equal in rights, status, and opportunities to succeed
Heritage Valued items, qualities, and customs that are passed down from one generation to the next
Injustice An unjust act, unfairness
Integrity Having strong moral principles, being honest, being moral
Laborer A person doing unskilled manual work for hire
Oppression Prolonged unjust treatment that is cruel and controlling
Prejudice A preconceived opinion about someone or something that is not based on fact, reason, or experience
Racism The belief that all members of a given race are alike in some or all characteristics
Segregation The enforced separation of groups based on race in a country or community


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