Magnets, Electricity Worksheets Printable Worksheets

Electric fields and magnetic fields have similarities, but operate very differently. James Clerk Maxwell was a pioneer in the field of electromagnetism. Maxwell theorized that electricity, light, and magnetism were all related phenomenon. He demonstrated that electric and magnetic fields travel in a wave and at a constant speed. In this series of worksheets we show you the difference between magnetic and electric fields.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Bank On It!
  3. Comparing Magnets And Electricity VENN Diagram
  4. Cryptogram
  5. Do The Research!
  6. Group Creative Writing
  7. Flexing those Magnet Muscles!
  8. If I Were A.... ?
  9. KWL
  10. Magnetic Attraction - Experiment with various items to determine which are attracted to a magnetic force and which are not. Your teacher has provided you with a number of materials. In box below, write which items were attracted by and which were not.
  11. Magnetic Attraction And Cars - Draw arrows to show if the cars attract or repel each other. On the space to the right, write the word that describes the action of the cars (attract or repel).
  12. Maze
  13. Reading Comprehension
  14. The Magnets In My House - Below you will find a list of items in a typical home. Take a look at them and decide if they have magnets in them. Put a check next to the materials that have magnets. In the last two boxes name to other items in your house that have magnets.
  15. Vocabulary Quiz
  16. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  17. What's Electricity? - Basic questions for you to introduce the topic.
  18. Word Chop
  19. Word Search

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Magnets and Electricity Bulletin Boards and Writing Paper

  1. Atom Writing Paper
  2. Attract
  3. Battery Setup
  4. Blue Magnet
  5. Circuit Breaker
  6. Electric Field Writing Paper
  7. Electrifying
  8. Refrigerator Magnet Writing Paper
  9. Outlet
  10. Red Magnet
  11. Repair
  12. Repel
  13. Zap